Unique Gifts for Pellet Grillers- Summer 2021

Father's Day Pellet Grilling Gifts

We found some unique gift items for yourself or that pellet grill owner in your life. These are updated for this summer, perhaps in time for Father’s Day if you hurry. For the subscription box, you can always print your own gift certificate letting them know they’ll be getting monthly boxes.

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A Set of Rubs of the States

This unique set of 5 rubs comes in some nicely designed tins, all presented in a well-done package. You’ll get rubs representing the flavor profiles of famous BBQ styles from around the United States.

The RUBS OF THE STATES set includes: 

1) LEXINGTON, NC: Often includes delicious slow-smoked pulled pork with a Carolina Gold sauce or their famous hot pepper-vinegar-based sauce. Try on chicken and pork.

2) MEMPHIS, TN: Smoked often with a dry rub and served with sauce on the side! Perfect for pork, chicken and turkey burgers.

3) EAST TEXAS: This rub is great on beef ribs, hearty meats and brisket. It can also be used in turkey burgers, on roasted veggies, sprinkles on hot buttered popcorn or on scrambled eggs.

4) KANSAS CITY, MO: Great on Beef or Pork ribs. KC ribs are usually slow cooked and served with a thick, sweet sauce. Delicious on pork and chicken.

5) SANTA MARIA, CA: Fantastic for Tri Tip roast or hearty beef. Best grilled with oak and often mopped with a garlic-infused oil and red wine vinegar concoction. 

The Coolest Spatula on the Planet

One of the coolest and most unique things we’ve found recently is this spatula. The Batula is hand made, using a real baseball bat as a handle. It has a multi-function blade with tenderizer, knife edge and bottle opener. It’s useful, sure, but man is it cool. As a baseball fan myself, I ordered one as soon as I found it. If you have a baseball fan pellet griller in your life, this will be a [WARNING: dad joke incoming] … home run. Only available on Etsy.

Grill Masters Club Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are great gifts as they’re a surprise every month and you can give them by just filling out an online form. No wrapping, no shopping trips. This one from Grill Masters Club is a monthly delivery of rubs, sauces and accessories, as well as recipes and video tips. See the special coupon code below to get 30% off the first box.

  • Receive four full size and tasted tested Grill Master approved BBQ products each month like rubs, spices, sauces, wood chips, grilling accessories, and more.
  • Each item is carefully selected by a certified pitmaster to ensure we provide you the best of the best products from all over the world.
  • Receive a new recipe every month to practice your new skills and connect with their community with a members-only Facebook group to share recipes, videos, guides, and more.
  • As featured in Urban Tastebud, Gastronomic, Real Food Traveler, and more!

Coupon Code:
Last Chance for Father’s Day! Save 30% off First Shipment of 3+ Month Subscription with Code DADSDAY2021 from 6/19-6/20.

A Grilling T-shirt that isn’t Stupid or Corny

Why are there so many ugly t-shirts for grillers? Forget the pigs with “I like pig butts” and dumb imagery of generic grills. Check out these more stylish choices.

The magical 225 degrees. You either get it, or you don’t:

Another not-stupid-or-cheesy choice is this retro spatula graphic shirt, 8 track player not included:

A Unique set of Cosmos Knives

Some people love imported knives with a mirror-like sheen. And some people are a bit different. If you or yours prefers things on the slightly crazy side, this set of knives with pics of the cosmos on them may be just the thing. Oh, and there’s a set with dinosaurs on the blades, too, if that’s more your thing.

A Truly Different Hot Sauce That Will Make People Think There’s a Flavor Genius at Work

Let’s be honest. Most hot sauces taste the same. And look the same. Not these. TRUFF is the “pinnacle of heat experience.” Each flavor comes with an intricate blend of ripe red chili peppers, truffle, organic agave nectar and savory spices. Hotter Truff is a “less sweet, more heat” rendition of the Flagship original. White Truff incorporates the rare and seasonal availability of white truffle, with organic coriander resulting in a brighter sensation. This is the “Full TRUFF Experience” In One Set.